GMAT and Psychometric test prep options


If you are preparing for the GMAT or taking a pyschometric test for a job interview, you can count on us. We are experienced and competent consultants based in Sydney. With a GMAT score of 720+ and 5+ years of psychometric consultancy experience, we have helped professionals secure jobs and students to get into the top MBA schools including Stanford, Columbia, Haas, INSEAD and London Business School. 

Private tutoring package
(AUD$ 100/hr)

  • One on one intensive 3 hour sessions designed to fix your weak areas

  • Includes GMAT material, study plans and home works.

  • Progress monitored through regular reviews

  • Minimum 12 hrs needed 


Full Psychometric test


(AUD $500)

  • 1 hr session to cover the basics of psychometric tests

  • Customised study plan

  • Example tests

  • Tests review  

  • Money back guarantee (6 months)