Frequently Asked Questions


 01  What books should I study?

For a start you have to complete the GMAT Official guide. That is the bible of GMAT exams and published by the test makers. We see a lot of students waste hours on irrelevant books and materials. Also focus on quality and not quantity. Other than Gmat we would need to analyse your weak areas to suggest other relevant books. 




 02  Should I focus on verbal or quant?

First you need to know which is your weak area. Take a practice test if you aren't sure. Then look at the weak areas I.e. How far is each section from your target score. This will help you decide on percentage time allocation you need to make for each section.




 03  How much should I study for AWA and IR sections?

The AWA and IR sections do not affect the GMAT score as they are scored separately. With that in mind, don't screw them up. Business schools will be concerned if you score really low on them. We suggest you spend 4 hours minimum in the last 2 weeks of taking GMAT. Official guide should be enough for you to prepare from four these sections.




 04  Have any of your students been unsuccessful in GMAT?

Success means different things to different people. On GMAT it could mean getting a target score or getting into the preferred school. In our experience all the students who kept working towards their goal, got there in the end. One student took 1 yr to get his target score. Another did it in 4 weeks. The ones who were not successful were the ones who gave up. So which team are you in? 


 05  I missed out answering questions on my GMAT. Will that affect my score?

Absolutely. You should always try to answer all questions even if they are guesses. Otherwise you will end up with a much lower score than you deserve.